Monday, November 11, 2013

Lego Minecraft

So you have probably seen my other post about minecraft if not please see that post before reading this post.

Lego Cuusoo is a company that takes ideas and makes them into sets though they are not in the lego catalog.  They were getting a lot of comments that said "Do minecraft" and so they did. That was in 2012, but now lego has taken the idea even farther and made a Village and Nether along with the first one.

If you get the catalogs, then in the Late Holiday 2013 Catalog you can see the lego mine craft sets. If you play minecraft then you will know that they labeled the villager a zombie and the zombie the villager. I found that so funny. Hope you do to.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mother Nature's Dream

Mother Nature's Dream

Mother Nature loves nature working together as a team.
 Animals helping each other, plants helping each other,
both working together. 

Though this is her dream and only is a dream,
 because when she wakes up the world is a mess.

We are making that mess. Everyday it becomes worse and worse.
Though dreams rarely come true lets make this one come true.
This world is our home, so let's treat it like a home and make it more
beautiful than ever.

Millions of animals die everyday, because of trash in the ocean and on land. 
I watch people throw trash out their window all the time. 
It is truly sad. 
I'am so very sad to be part of this race, that wastes tons and tons
of trash every year.

Help Mother Nature out, by saving the world, our home,
 millions of others home. We call it earth now,
 but if we keep wasting stuff, we will call it a 
trash can, and I don't know anyone
 who wants to call our true home a trash can.


Hopefully these two quotes that I made up will help you realize how bad this truly is. I was inspired to make the keep calm one, because everyone was making these styles of quotes, I had not seen anyone make one like this one so I decided to do so my self. As for the first one I wanted to tell you how badly we are polluting the air, oceans, and land. I really hope this opens up your minds to saving the world, even the smallest thing could make a big difference. Maybe if you figure out how to make a machine that will collect the oil in the ocean, please help out. 

Oh and by the way search Trash in Ocean, see what comes up. :(

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Animmal Jam

Animal Jam is a fun online game that you may play on the computer. You can be different types of animals. When you are first building a account you can be a Wolf, Panda, Seal, Penguin, and some others animals I can't quite remember them all right now. 

There are options of being a non-member or a member. If you are a member you can get special things that non-members can't get, but of course you must pay money to be a member. I really want to be a member, because you can have pet owls. 

I hope you have a fun time playing this game.

The California Condor

The California Condor
Gypsus californianus

The California Condor is an endangered species. It is one of my favorite animals. This amazing bird has a 9 1/2 feet wing span. The crop that is a red spot on its chest stores food, because they eat dead carcasses. They can ride the thermals and don't have to flap there wings for about a hour. One of the most easiest ways to identify a Condor is that they have white in the front of there wings and the Turkey Vulture as the white in the back of the wings. The 49ers killed the birds and used the feathers to put gold, because the feathers are hollow. 

Being Parents 

The parents lay one egg at a time and take turns incubating the egg.  54 days of to incubat the egg. The parents spend 1 year or more with the chick. That means only 1 chick every other year.

I meant to post this when we went to Utah, but I got to busy seeing the sights I forgot to post it. So it is late, sorry. Life is always busy and it never turns out the way you want it to. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013


A bookmark does not only hold your place in the book your reading, but it is also a form of art. You can make all different types of bookmarks or can simply buy them at stores. I belief that making them yourself is easier, because you can make tons and tons of them for only a few dollars. You can not run out of ideas for making them. Here are some pictures for ideas.

I love these bookmarks so much, because you can put them on the corner of the page.  I have not made any of these yet even though I love them so much.

These paper-clip bookmarks are really easy to make and are so cool looking.

I hope this blog post inspires you to make your own
 bookmarks, and do use them.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Poem for Two Voices

Mom, my bother, and me were listening to Joyful Noise by Paul Fleischman. I was inspired to make my own poem for two voices. I felt my poem should not be about insects or birds, so I made my poem about a picture I made with chalk, oil pastels, and color pencils.

Above the clouds                         
                                                      Birds call 
the orders to                                  the orders to
fly lower                                       fly higher

Beside the skyscraper                   
                                                      Is a tree
beautiful                                        beautiful

Under the tree
                                                      Is a person
snoring quaitly                              snoring loudly 

Below the sea
                                                      are fish
and many more                              and many more
creepy crawlies                              curous creatures  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun Facts about Grand Canyon and the Colorado River

1. The Grand Canyon is still getting bigger every year. The canyon widens 5 sheets thick of paper each year and gets deeper 1 sheet thick of paper every year.
2.The Mississippi drops 6 inches for every mile as it travels to the ocean, and the Colorado drops 8-9 feet for every mile.
3. There is 20-25 feet of snow every year on the north rim, and only 10-12 inches on the south rim.
4. The north rim eroded away from the canyon faster then the south rim.
5. Grand Canyon was the second site to have California Condor released.
6. 76 California Condors are now in the Grand Canyon.

Monday, April 22, 2013

DUDE! Can You Identify the Layers of the Grand Canyon?

Dude completely tells you how the Grand Canyon was made. Deposition, Uplift, Downcutting, and Erosion all have to work together to make a canyon and they have to work in the order listed below.

Deposition - layers of sediment and organic material
Uplift - when the oceanic plate pushed under the continental plate (Colorado Plateau)
Downcutting - downward erosion by rivers that deepen the channel
Erosion - weathering by wind and water

Identifying the Layers

1. Granite veins (pink) is called schist and is at the bottom of the canyon
2. Limestone is white but looks red because it is porous and iron collects in the holes and is later oxidized
3. Sandstone is the white ring called the bathtub ring
4. Mudstone is the sloping layer of the canyon because when mud gets wet, it slowly slides off in a slope

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Fish Camp Scholarship Application

Why do you want to go to Fish Camp this summer? (100-150 words)

Several years ago when I lived in Bend, I went to a summer festival. A local fly club had a booth and volunteers taught kids how to make a simple fly. I got to learn how to tie a wooly bugger and I just fell in love with fly tying.
I like to do many crafts. Fly tying is my favorite kind of craft, because it it sometimes tedious. It has small details and requires good eye-hand coordination.

Another reason I like fly fishing is because I really like nature. You get to learn about insects. The hooks use feathers and fur which I enjoy collecting when I go on nature walks with my family. You also get to learn some biology and ecology.  You also get to learn about different kinds of fish and where they live.  The flies are like little statues of nature.

What is it about fly fishing that is of interest to you? (100-150 words)

I have always wanted to learn how to fly fish and I think this is the perfect opportunity.  Years ago when I lived in Bend, our neighbor taught me how to cast.  I really enjoyed it.  It was both challenging and fun.

My friend is nervous about staying away from her family overnight.  I want to go to fish camp so that I can tell her how fun it was and all that I learned.  Then maybe next year she will have the courage and we can go together. I also want to meet new friends with the same interest as me.

I would like this camp because I want to be in the outdoors for long periods.  I really like camping out in the open.  I also want to find a life long hobby so I can teach my kids when I grow up.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Orange Jelly Fungi

I found this fungus at Empire Lakes. I was walking along the trail and my brother found it for me.  It was growing on a decaying Douglas Fir branch, I think.  My papa says he thinks it is Douglas Fir, too.The Orange Jelly fungus belongs to a family called Dacrymycetales. It is probably one of my favorite fungi. It lives mostly in moist climates, for example the Pacific Northwest Coast. It is edible, best steamed or boiled.
I learned that Dacrymycetales palmatus is very similar to two other jelly fungi, Tremella aurantia and Tremella mesenterica but those are usually more yellow and grow on hardwood trees which still have their bark, instead of dead conifers.  A year ago, we went on a family hike in the Trinity Mountains and we saw what I think now is Tremella growing on a pine tree.   
I'm trying to do this science experiment and I need a special slime mold, but unfortunately this is not the one that I need. So I ordered a kit from Carolina Biological, and I just got it in the mail yesterday. It was really exciting and the mold has already grown a lot.

This is my first submission to the Outdoor Hour Challenges at Handbook of Nature Study

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our First Foreign Student

Today we got to see our first foreign exchange student leave, it was very sad. Though, let's look on the bright side of things. We got our first exchange student. We got to play games and teach her new things. But I would have to say my favorite part was having her here and learning a new recipe on how to make jiaozi (dumpling) filling. 

Her favorite store I think was Michaels. She asked to go three times. She took pictures of everything. We also got to go to Mt Lassen and play in the snow. :)