Monday, April 8, 2013

My Fish Camp Scholarship Application

Why do you want to go to Fish Camp this summer? (100-150 words)

Several years ago when I lived in Bend, I went to a summer festival. A local fly club had a booth and volunteers taught kids how to make a simple fly. I got to learn how to tie a wooly bugger and I just fell in love with fly tying.
I like to do many crafts. Fly tying is my favorite kind of craft, because it it sometimes tedious. It has small details and requires good eye-hand coordination.

Another reason I like fly fishing is because I really like nature. You get to learn about insects. The hooks use feathers and fur which I enjoy collecting when I go on nature walks with my family. You also get to learn some biology and ecology.  You also get to learn about different kinds of fish and where they live.  The flies are like little statues of nature.

What is it about fly fishing that is of interest to you? (100-150 words)

I have always wanted to learn how to fly fish and I think this is the perfect opportunity.  Years ago when I lived in Bend, our neighbor taught me how to cast.  I really enjoyed it.  It was both challenging and fun.

My friend is nervous about staying away from her family overnight.  I want to go to fish camp so that I can tell her how fun it was and all that I learned.  Then maybe next year she will have the courage and we can go together. I also want to meet new friends with the same interest as me.

I would like this camp because I want to be in the outdoors for long periods.  I really like camping out in the open.  I also want to find a life long hobby so I can teach my kids when I grow up.

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