Monday, April 22, 2013

DUDE! Can You Identify the Layers of the Grand Canyon?

Dude completely tells you how the Grand Canyon was made. Deposition, Uplift, Downcutting, and Erosion all have to work together to make a canyon and they have to work in the order listed below.

Deposition - layers of sediment and organic material
Uplift - when the oceanic plate pushed under the continental plate (Colorado Plateau)
Downcutting - downward erosion by rivers that deepen the channel
Erosion - weathering by wind and water

Identifying the Layers

1. Granite veins (pink) is called schist and is at the bottom of the canyon
2. Limestone is white but looks red because it is porous and iron collects in the holes and is later oxidized
3. Sandstone is the white ring called the bathtub ring
4. Mudstone is the sloping layer of the canyon because when mud gets wet, it slowly slides off in a slope

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