Monday, September 30, 2013

Mother Nature's Dream

Mother Nature's Dream

Mother Nature loves nature working together as a team.
 Animals helping each other, plants helping each other,
both working together. 

Though this is her dream and only is a dream,
 because when she wakes up the world is a mess.

We are making that mess. Everyday it becomes worse and worse.
Though dreams rarely come true lets make this one come true.
This world is our home, so let's treat it like a home and make it more
beautiful than ever.

Millions of animals die everyday, because of trash in the ocean and on land. 
I watch people throw trash out their window all the time. 
It is truly sad. 
I'am so very sad to be part of this race, that wastes tons and tons
of trash every year.

Help Mother Nature out, by saving the world, our home,
 millions of others home. We call it earth now,
 but if we keep wasting stuff, we will call it a 
trash can, and I don't know anyone
 who wants to call our true home a trash can.


Hopefully these two quotes that I made up will help you realize how bad this truly is. I was inspired to make the keep calm one, because everyone was making these styles of quotes, I had not seen anyone make one like this one so I decided to do so my self. As for the first one I wanted to tell you how badly we are polluting the air, oceans, and land. I really hope this opens up your minds to saving the world, even the smallest thing could make a big difference. Maybe if you figure out how to make a machine that will collect the oil in the ocean, please help out. 

Oh and by the way search Trash in Ocean, see what comes up. :(

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