Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Trip with Grandma

When we were on a road trip with grandma I got to get better at taking pictures. Now I am really good at taking pictures.

This is a picture that I took. It is of a long meadow, and it is were the  McKenzie  River starts just as a little spring. 

This is a up close picture of a flower that hangs upside down.  I had to put my camera upside down and I didn't know how it was going to turn out. So I think I got really lucky.

This is a Indian paint brush flower. I think it is called that because the Indians used it to make red paint with it or it could be because of the shape. 

This is Queen's an Lace. It has lots of little flowers in one big flower. 

This is a Butterfly of some sort.  The key to taking a picture of a Butterfly is always be ready  take a picture so when it opens it's wings you can snap it really fast. 

This is a flower that is just starting to open up. When it is opens it is going to look kind of like a Indian Paint brush but it is only going to be pink.

Here are some river pictures. The 2nd one has two rivers that are coming together  and the other two are close ups of the river.

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