Thursday, September 6, 2012

Postage Stamp Collecting

I love to stamp collect. As you probably know you don't get postage stamps that often. So then how do you go about collecting stamps? You should start collecting just all the stamps that come in the mail.When you get really into it, you can then select a category or a certain topic and collect just stamps that fit into that topic. If you pick birds, for example, then you could collect birds stamps, cancellations with birds, and even envelops with bird artwork in the corner.  You could also  narrow it down and maybe collect only hummingbirds.

Then you probably would want to show it to other people so you can make a nice way to format it on a page and you should have a little information about the category. Then you can display your project or collection at a stamp show. A stamp show is basically is where a bunch of stamp collectors get together and show their stamp collections.  

I like to collect birds but now I am narrowing it down just to owls. I am getting some of my stamps from Ebay. Ebay is a really easy way of getting stamps. You can Learn a lot from stamp collecting.

Here is some pics of my stamp collection  

Happy collecting :) (:

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