Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Snow Experiments

One day, there were snowflakes falling.  So I decided to get two plastic tubs.  I filled one of them with fresh new snow and the other with old snow.  I did not pack them down.  Then I took them inside and waited for each one to melt. I wanted to find out which one had the most water.  My hypothesis was that they would have the same amount of water.
I let it melt and later came back to look at them.  The fresh, new snow had the least amount of water.  The old snow had the most amount of water.  

While I waited, I took a black piece of paper outside and caught some snowflakes.   I could see many different kinds of snowflakes.  My favorite is the one at the top.  Here is a fun website to learn more about snowflakes.

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