Monday, January 18, 2010

Plants Vs Zombies

My 'Uncle' Bef gave me the computer game Plants vs Zombies for Christmas. You got to get it.  It is so fun!  I'm in the backyard levels already!  There are shooter pebble plants that shoot peas and ice, cherry bombs, and grave crumblers. Can't you see  how this game is fun? 


Makita said...

You certainly love this game! Too bad they didn't make it for the DS as well. Huge kudos and thanks to Bef! :)

Oregon Mom said...

Hey there! looks like a fun game! Guess what? I finally helped Ry set up her own account so she has her own blog again. It is listed on my page- I bet if you asked your mom she would help you link it to your page!
Love and miss you much!!
<3 Aunt Cendy